Luwian in Cuneiform

A RAI workshop organized by Alice Mouton and Ilya Yakubovich

65e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale

Paris, 8-12 juillet 2019


Wednesday 10th July (Louvre)

9h-9h30 F. GIUSFREDI, S. MERLIN and V. PISANIELLO: Adaptation strategies in the Luwian loans in Cuneiform Hittite

9h30-10h E. RIEKEN: On several old and new etymologies and the alleged breaking of ē>iya in Hittite and Luwian

10h-10h30 D. SASSEVILLE: Nouveaux joints relatifs au grand rituel louvite de Kuwattalla et Šilalluḫi

10h30-11h Break

11h-11h30 A. MOUTON: Luwian Rituel Texts and Scribal Hands

11h30-12h I. YAKUBOVICH: Orthographic Variation and Relative Dating of Hittite-Luwian Texts

12h-12h30 L. PUÉRTOLAS RUBIO: “May They Wash Their Mouths!”: The Purification of the Mouth in Luwian Anti-Witchcraft Incantations

12h30-13h Z. SIMON: A goddess and a city or how to read the Hieroglyphic Luwian sign MANUS+MANUS

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Luwili project’s meeting in February 2019

The last meeting of the Luwili project took place on the 4th of February by video conference.

The members of the team work on the classification of the corpus and on the organization of the workshop. New improvements have been done regarding the database. Some papers and lectures are being prepared in relation to the project.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 11.